The prospect of cooking yourself may seem daunting. If you are not in a relationship and live alone or are just going to leave the parental home, then you should learn how to cook. Home-cooked meals not only save on eateries and restaurants, but also help to stay in good shape, as they are usually more healthy and nutritious compared to processed foods in fast food establishments. You will need simple cooking utensils, basic cooking skills and constant practice to learn how to cook.

Get kitchen utensils. They can include both expensive and high-quality utensils, and simple things like wooden spoons. In the beginning you do not need to hurry and spend large sums. Buy necessary: a whisk, spoons on long handles, a metal and silicone shovel
Buy pots and pans. On the shelves of supermarkets you can find an abundance of pots, pans and appliances designed to facilitate the work in the kitchen. Do not pay attention to them and buy the most basic: a pot, a small bucket with a handle and a frying pan. These three devices can meet almost any need in the kitchen.[2]
Change the set according to your needs. For example, if you will be preparing food in small quantities, then instead pots and frying pans can be buy only a high frying pan.
Buy measuring cups and spoons. As a rule, recipes indicate the exact number of ingredients, so you can not do without measuring cups and spoons. Each item is needed in a single quantity, as the dishes can always be washed, but be sure to buy a full set of spoons and cups. For convenience, do not interfere with the glass measuring container, which holds at least two glasses.
Some recipes require cookware that does not contain aluminum. When choosing measuring cups and spoons, give preference to products made of high quality plastic or stainless steel.

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