Zucchini balls with tomatoes and mint — recipe
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Zucchini balls with tomatoes and mint — recipe

Is the season of the zucchini. Housewives open the pages of cookbooks, which recipes snacks, salads and casseroles from this useful vegetable. We suggest you add to your piggy Bank a very interesting recipe for zucchini snacks.

It is prepared very quickly, looks impressive and thanks to the elegant appearance, it is worthy to take a place even on the holiday table. The subtle hint of mint adds zest and makes playing familiar taste of zucchini new notes.

Zucchini – 400 grams
1 large onion
A few sprigs of mint
Egg 2 pieces
Breadcrumbs 200 gr
Cheese (grated) 50 grams
Ground black pepper
Tomatoes 4 pieces
Vegetable oil (for frying)
Zucchini peel and grate. The peel must be cut even if you take young vegetables. You can leave the seeds with the young, the more Mature the fruit out of the middle certainly. Otherwise, hard seeds will be unpleasant to get on the tooth.

Add salt and let stand for 10 minutes. During this time, they stand out juice, which must be properly pressed. You can even put the grated flesh on a towel and thoroughly wet to almost dry. Do not be lazy, and do not miss this step!

Onions cut into cubes.

Proteins are separated from the yolks.

Zucchini chips mixed with breadcrumbs, finely crumbled mint, cheese and yolks.

Proteins whisk in the stable foam. This will take time, but the proteins must be lush. Combine beaten egg whites and zucchini.

Heat the oil in a pan with thick walls. Zucchini mass take a spoon and gently dipped in hot oil. Fry on both sides until Golden brown.

Served with sliced tomato round slices. You can fry zucchini not in the form of balls, in a slightly "flatten". So pancakes you can put sliced tomatoes.

Zucchini balls with tomatoes and mint — recipe

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