Salad Tenderness with chicken fillet and mushrooms — recipe
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Salad Tenderness with chicken fillet and mushrooms — recipe

Salad Tenderness with chicken fillet and mushrooms — recipe

Every woman from nothing can create three things: hairstyle, scandal and salad. But, constant troubles, often do not leave space for creativity. And so you want to diversify your daily diet. Summer and early autumn can not think of anything better than the usual vegetable salad. But, in our latitudes, fresh vegetables end quite quickly, and with the onset of cold weather the body begins to require something high-calorie. But all these Olivier, herring under a fur coat, Mimosa and other combination of poorly combined products order tired. I want not only something new, but also useful.

Salad "Tenderness" with chicken fillet and mushrooms – a variant of a simple salad for every day and on the holiday table. Due to the content of a large amount of fiber, it has beneficial properties for the body, and the presence of meat and cheese in it, makes it also nourishing.

Boiled chicken fillet – 300 grams

Chicken fillet boiled-smoked – 200 grams

Mushrooms – 300 grams

Hard cheese – 150 grams

Fresh paprika – 1 large or 2 medium

Beijing cabbage – 1 head

Soy sauce – 50 grams

Natural yogurt – 100 grams

Butter – 30 grams

Vegetable oil – 30 grams

Parsley – 1 bunch

Black pepper – to taste

On the preparation of this salad you will spend a maximum of half an hour. We start with chicken fillet. It should be boiled in such a way that the fillet remains juicy. To do this, lower the chicken in hot water. It should only cover the fillets. After boiling, a little salt and completely remove the foam. Cooking fillets weighing 300 grams takes about 15 minutes after boiling. Readiness can be checked with a sharp thin knife, making a puncture. Rinse the finished fillet with cold water and leave to cool slightly.

While fillet is cooking, let's do mushrooms. Mushrooms quickly wash under running water, so they do not absorb excess moisture. It is convenient to do it in a colander. Give drain water and spread on a paper towel. Depending on the size of the mushrooms, cut them into two parts, or leave whole. Then cut into thin chips. In the pan pour vegetable oil and give a little warm up, add the butter. As soon as it has melted, send to the pan mushrooms and pepper them a little. Mushrooms should not be heavily fried. Enough to make them a little Golden. On frying mushrooms you will need 5-7 minutes. They need to be stirred regularly. We do this carefully so as not to damage the structure of the fungus. Remove the mushrooms from the pan, leaving it released water and oil.

The head of the Beijing cabbage is cut into two parts along. Then, do 3-4 longitudinal incisions, leaving about 1.5-2 centimeters to the stalk. We cut the Beijing cabbage quite large – the thickness in the zone of green leaves is about one and a half centimeters, closer to the white part – 0.5 centimeters. Lay in a bowl for salad with mushrooms.

Boiled chicken fillet cut into a medium-sized cube. Boiled and smoked fillet cut into strips.

Fleshy paprika is better to take red or orange – they will give the salad with chicken and mushrooms an attractive appearance, adding bright colors. Remove the seeds. Depending on the size of the fruit, cut it into 4 or 6 pieces and shred with a thin, long straw.

Hard cheese for this salad is suitable for anyone, so pick it to your taste and purse. It needs to be grated. If it does not RUB well, just send a piece to the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Parsley cut finely, but do not turn it into porridge.

All ingredients, carefully but gently mix in a large salad bowl.

It's time to prepare the gas station. To do this, mix natural yogurt, soy sauce and black pepper. If desired, add a clove of garlic, it will give a light touch of flavor.

Add the dressing to the salad and mix well again. Allow to stand for a few minutes and you can bring to the table.

Salad with chicken and mushrooms is better to eat immediately after cooking. If you like, you can add canned corn to it. Then, better take the red paprika, so you get more color.

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